About Camilee Designs

Hi, I'm Camilee (but if you called me and asked for "Camilee" I'd know you were a solicitor - everyone calls me Cami). I founded Camilee Designs in 2002 when I left a big, boring, corporate job as a Technology Analyst to pursue my dream of creating and selling jewelry.

I think the first time I realized that I love to create things was when I was in the 2nd grade. In my hometown we have a annual summer festival called "Whaling Days." To the best of my recollection, we were asked to draw something that reminded us of the festival. I drew a big whale. I can still vaguely see it in my head. I was called up on stage to get a ribbon. I think it was Red? 2nd place? Maybe everyone got a ribbon, who knows...the point is that it started an idea in my head.

I've always loved the idea of having my very own shop. My mom tells me that when I was a child (the middle of 3 siblings) I used to play by myself for hours -- I would meticulously set up a store until my sister or brother came in and destroyed it for fun.

I guess it seems natural that I combined these 2 loves to fulfill my dream.

I live in the San Francisco bay area with my husband, daughter and 2 basset hounds.

I took a long break from making jewelry after my daughter was born in 2007. At birth her pediatrician felt an enlargement in her abdomen, which turned out to be a tumor in her kidney. She underwent surgery to remove her kidney at 9 days old, was diagnosed at 3 weeks old with a rare form of pediatric cancer called Wilms' Tumor and underwent 6 months of chemotherapy. It was a roller coaster, but I'm happy to report that she has been cancer-free since she ended her treatment and was deemed "cured" at the age of 1 1/2.

My interests are: Business - especially crafting businesses, vegetable gardening, Running, and Red Wine (and reality TV, although I probably shouldn't admit to that!)