tiny sterling silver sitting kitten necklace cat charm with basic sterling cable chain

Yes you can make jewelry! The easiest DIY necklace

A lot of people think they aren’t creative.  Often they’ll tell me they could never do what I do.  You can, I promise.

Here is a no fail, ridiculously easy project that any one can accomplish.  And, it’s custom made because the pieces are specially selected and assembled by you! 

What you’ll need:

Chain: you can select a fancy chain or a basic one; gold, silver, or rose gold.  Long, short, or in between. Let’s keep this simple though.  We’re going to to select a basic sterling silver cable chain.  It’s 1.5mm in diameter and 18 inches length.  18” is a safe length for most women and by far the most popular length for necklaces.

Charm: Next is the fun part. Pick a charm.  You can select a tiny charm or a big one.  You can pick gold or silver or rose gold.  There are no rules.  Pick something sweet or funny or sentimental, edgy, or weird.  It’s up to you.

For this piece I’m going to select one of my favorite charms which is a tiny sterling silver cat silhouette charm.  Like most cat owners, I’m obsessed with my cat.  So simple and understated in its size, but this is honestly the most precious gift for the cat-obsessed person in your life. 

Okay we’ve selected our pieces now comes the “hard” part.

  1.  Open the chain.
  2.  Slip the charm over the O-end (not the clasp)
  3. Close up the clasp
  4. Wear or box up for a gift.

Custom jewelry made by you!  I would love to hear what you created.

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